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A Star trek CGI series

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I also don't see anything wrong with CBS also doing a show that kids could watch, do a good family oriented Trek in the tradition of the better family films which have different elements for both the young and mature to appreciate and just have fun with it.
Star Trek XI was made to get a wider audience. The PG-13 (which people say is the new PG) rating is to get kids aged 9-12 in the group as fans.

Star Trek needs to expand .... but without losing any of its sophistication, not going the latest Star Wars approach on cartoon network
GhostFaceSaint you gotta pick one. Either you want a kid-friendly animiated series or you want it aimed at age 18 and up with serious thinking and science concepts going on all within 22 minutes.

If you want the animiated series aimed at kids solely then check this out:
Star Trek Kids Cartoon
otherwise you can't have it both ways.

I posted The Clone Wars tv series season 2 trailer as it has gone darker than season 1 and perhaps is trying for an older audience. I don't think Star Trek can do the same once they start down the animated path with one series.

I want TV14 rated Star Trek. Not just for the violence but for the adult-related (not sexual) themes that are complex.
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