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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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I myself have complained about the garish red/blue color scheme of TNG-era starships making them look like space-going neon bar signs. That's why I've designed the Grandeur's nacelles to be a bit more understated, minimizing the amount of glow visible from any one direction.

I just don't care for the blue version. Might be able to improve it with a lighter, more cyan hue, but I'd still prefer the red:

Much better.
Oh yeah, definitely...


Since you're "playing" with color (and since your technique... which I have to admit is pretty damned ingenious... any chance we can see the "geometry behind the screens" just for a reference?) appears to lend itself towards the "different lighting schemes" approach...

How about trying a gradient light source, with higher intensity being more "yellow" and lower intensity being more "dull red?") This would give an overall "amber" appearance not dissimilar to the TOS nacelle caps (which remain my favorite, by far) while still remaining distinct.

Anything to make it look more like "swirling, incredibly hot materials" rather than "Red L.E.D.s"... which bug the #@$* out of me...
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