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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

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camera moves upwards just as Tess undoes one button on her blouse.
A crime against humanity, I say!

(the camera moving, not the unbuttoning)
It's a very strange example of how mixed up this show can get sometimes. They'll repeatedly show Lois in a swimsuit in the title sequence but then they do weird things like refusing to show The Orgasm Murderer's bare neck or the strange instances of using a body double whenever Kristin Kreuk had to appear in her underwear.

Right now, the show has a cast almost completely chosen (with the exception of Allison Mack) for their looks, yet it's a bit one-sided in the clothing removal department. Then you have to couple that with the high probability that if a male character isn't completely clothed he will also be physically restrained in some manner too.
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