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Re: Lost SPOILERS Frozen Donkey Wheel!

Mr Light wrote: View Post Only ComicCon news is that Faraday and Juliet and some Season One characters will be seen in Season Six and that we'll learn where the food drops are coming from. Also, they revealed the final scene of the series: Sylar is alive... in the form of Nathan Petrelli!!!
Actually there is a bit more news then that. It was just "strange news". Like we will see "a clip from America's Most Wanted, Kate Austen did not in fact kill her stepfather in an explosion, but she killed his employee, a plumber's assistant, instead." and a video of "Mr. Cluck's (starring CEO Hugo Reyes)" and "an Oceanic Airlines commercial that said they've never had a crash"

Which all seems to prove that Jack's plan worked. Time was reset and they never crashed on the island and they are now living in an alternate timeline. One where Hurley becomes the CEO of Cluck's and Kate is still on the run, but for a different murder.

The strange thing is the Kate Austin timeline change since that seems to imply the changes were more wide spread then just the plane not crashing, but in fact the changes go back even further to have her not kill her stepfather, but someone else and that happened years before the plane crash.

So it looks like there will be some big changes happening next season and that the timeline was altered even more then Jack intended.
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