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International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

I don't know if you guys have seen this page or not (hi by the way ), but it was made sometime after the release of Star Trek: Nemesis. The owner is very passionate that killing off Data was the worst thing ever and launched a campaign to overturn the decision. Here is an excerpt:

January 6, 2003: It's official. Nemesis has tanked! A story on today in the entertainment news section entitled 'Hollywood 2002: $equels, events, formula' listed it among the flops and said it could finish as the lowest-grossing of all the Star Trek movies! The sad irony is that immediately following the paragraph that contains this news is a paragraph that contains the very reason Nemesis is a disaster. The article talked about people flocking to movies in 2002 to forget their cares for awhile. All this movie did was give us something else to hurt about. Paramount has been told why this film is such a dismal failure and they've also been told what they need to do to fix it. But they don't just need to hear it from me. They need to hear it from everyone who's been hurt by this movie, whether you've seen it or not. And they also need to hear that you might think twice before paying for any future Paramount products. If some store owner murdered a member of my family, I wouldn't be too eager to give him my business. One consolation in all this is that if we have lost Data, at least the people responsible won't have profited from his death. But I'm not giving up on him yet. There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that might turn this situation around. I'll be posting regular updates about the fight. But a minute here to keep this in perspective. We all need to remember we're talking about a fictional character and not a flesh and blood person. What is real is our love for him, whether he's real or not. And Paramount is finding out the hard way how much love there is for him. Maybe they'll think twice about putting out another movie with such a painful ending.

I already know my own opinion about that, but what's yours? Here's a link to the page:

I thought this would be kind of interesting to talk about. I know it's been talked about so many times before, but I just want to know what you guys think, your honest opinions.

P.S. My apologies if this isn't exactly in the right forum! It is about Data, so naturally I thought it goes here lol
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