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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

DGCatAniSiri wrote: View Post
I think I'd prefer that episode to the disaster that is the next one. Voyager meets Ghostbusters against killer bees sounds far more interesting than what we got.
So you're suggesting I should become a writer?

Praetor wrote: View Post
I hate it when you're right - i.e. pretty much always!
I'm afraid it is never going to end, I'm always going to be right.

Absolutely brilliantly put, sir. I am of Irish ancestry myself, and despite not knowing nearly as much as you do, this episode and "Spirit Folk" always felt like insulting utter wastes of time, in every way possible, to say nothing of the drama of Janeway's holographic boyfriend. Geez.
You're not one of those members of the diaspora that proudly proclaims themselves to be Irish while not knowing what they're talking about, supporting the IRA and emailing real Irish people to ask if they know the Kelly family that they're distantly related to... are you?

Okay, so I may get my nerd card revoked for this, but here goes.

I actually watched "professional wrestling" (yes, I know, it's fake) with my dad up through my teen years, so I knew who the Rock was.
Oh dear, I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

destro wrote: View Post
^ I think we all knew that he was going to snap eventually.
I haven't snapped yet. I may have had a dream about watching a really bad episode of Voyager, but I could still tell that it was a bad episode! If I was to have a dream about a bad episode of Voyager and reviewed it with an excellent score then I'd have snapped.

Spirit Folk (If I ever meet Bryan Fuller I am going to knee him in the gonads)

The rules state I'm not allowed to give minus scores, but they say nothing about issuing threats against the writers. You can take that as a 0.

SEAMUS: Killmannin, 1846.
MILO: The cows stopped giving milk. The potatoes grew rotten in the ground.
Potatoes? Rotten? In Ireland? In 1846? Say it ain't so!
In 1846 three-quarters of the [potato] harvest was lost to blight.
Oh right, that pesky potato famine that killed a million people. Hmm, you'd think the people of Fair Haven would remember that.

SEAMUS: Old Patsy down in County Meath spoke of a band of spirit folk who came to Killmannin in '46.
Lets consult our map again, shall we?

We've already determined that Fair Haven is most likely in County Galway, in which case Meath (NW of Dublin) is not down at all. The word Bryan Fuller was looking for is "over".

MICHAEL: You've been lying to me, Katie. I've been doing some checking with friends of mine in County Clare. Seems nobody's heard of you there.
JANEWAY: It's a big county.
MICHAEL: And I've got a lot of friends.
Between 1871 and 1901 the population of Clare ranged between 147,864 and 112,334. So yes, Michael has a lot of friends. At least 5,000 in Clare alone, I'd reckon.

TORRES: With all due respect, Captain. Michael can be reprogrammed. Tom and Harry can't.
JANEWAY: One problem at a time, B'Elanna. The people of Fair Haven may not be real, but our feelings toward them are. I won't destroy these relationships if we can find another way.
Ah, good old Janeway, displaying the magnificent captaining skills that make her the least popular captain on this board. (And before you ask, I voted for Pine's Kirk because I like Janeway half the time.)

MICHAEL: I had a cousin went to America. He saw some strange things, but nothing like this.
JANEWAY: You're not in America.
Why is it that when historical European holo-characters come into contact with 24th century technology they think that they're in America? (Another example is the da Vinci hologram in Concerning Flight.) Far be it from me to be the one who defends the reputation of the British Empire, but they were nothing too shabby during the later half of the 19th century. They were one of the most advanced civilisations of the age, and while rural Ireland was by no means enjoying the fruits of this advanced technology it wouldn't have been a complete paradigm shift.

Okay, the Fair Haven episodes are now behind me, I can no longer look forward with dread.
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