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Re: Curzon’s big secret (from Facets)

It always seemed totally pointless and arbitrary that Trills weren't allowed to reassociate with previous hosts' romantic partners. Especially the OR ELSE Trill society tacked on.

Does the Federation Charter not guide these people or something? Why can't anyone say, "Screw you, I'm starting my own cave full of slugs, and under my rules, anybody can do anybody." Dax and Kahn could have started it. Whenever they had both died, their children could take care of the slugs in a slugarium, breed them, and give the progenitors to new hosts, probably fellow Trill dissidents who'd jump at the chance (or even the children themselves, as they'd be de facto Trill dissidents themselves!). Either way, the new hosts would take over slug care, until a new Trill counterculture had formed.

How has that not happened already? The only answer seems to be the force of law.

I mean, yeah, I get that it was allegory. But a reading of the episode on its face paints a disturbing picture of both Trill society and the limits of the Federation's powers.

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