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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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I'm not sure if we're supposed to feel sorry for them or not. I cheered when Cadet Waters got his.
I remember when they hit their target and there was a big explosion and everyone started to cheer, a little piece of me died. "Oh no, not another episode where we're told we can do whatever we put our mind to." But then the Dominion ship rose out of the explosion and annihilated the poor Valiant, and that made me feel better about setting my life-goals so low.

I guess I did feel sorry at one part of the episode. The destruction of the Valiant. Poor ship didn't deserve that.
I guess not, but I couldn't help myself:

Dark Images (*)

The episode started out quite well, Kes goes a little insane and forgets who she is so she has to be brought to sickbay. The scene where Neelix shows up and realises that he still loves Kes was quite moving, and his determination to stay with her and devote himself to finding out what is wrong with her was very well handled. It's good when his character is treated seriously.

Things start going wrong when we find out that Kes' ailment is caused by a nest of giant space bees inside her stomach, but then they escape her body and start to spread around the ship. The episode goes from bad to worse when the bees infect the holodeck and form a new nest inside the Fair Haven program, so Tom, Harry and Janeway have to enter the program and work with the locals to kill the bees. They manage to jury-rig a fire-truck into spraying out a stream of quantum-malengular positrons (an orange light) that will kill the bees, so they drive around Fair Haven killing bees as though they were the Ghostbusters.

I don't know why Joe Menosky decided to take the episode in this bizarre direction, I guess this was one of his high-concept stories that got a little out of control.

Yes, I've started to have dreams about reviewing episodes of Voyager.
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