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Question is: Should that fight be limited to ship-to-ship combat? And should it only be defensive? During the Dominion War it was necessary to go on the offensive to end it quickly. Should direct battle be the only means of ensuring a quick end to war? More subtle and covert attempts (such as helping Cardassian dissidents against the Dominion) can be successful in ending conflict and bringing all sides to the negotiating table.
I think the answer to most of those question would entirely depend on the direction of the war, and the actions of the Typhon Pact.
And if any conflict with the Pact evolves beyond the Cold War stage.

Agreed. As I've stated, I'm thinking the Pact will be trying to test the nerve of the Alliance via "torpedo drills", non-violent dogfighting (think the first scene of Top Gun), and diplomatic bullying--and perhaps, every once in a while, the starting of some border wars, a la Korea and Vietnam....

(Gee, hope I'm not taking the Cold War analogy too seriously again....)
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