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Re: The Terminator Chronicles: Second Chance

Carefully maneuvering through the remains of the battle droid, his savior came over to help him. She had a broad smile on her lips and she just kept shaking her head as she looked over her friend. The woman held back a laugh as she pulled away the refuse while John pushed at it.

“My hero,” he teased with pangs of memory.

Allison Young pulled at one of the steel beams while Connor pushed, “You know you’re a pretty good damsel in distress. Skynet probably never saw you coming.”

Brushing off his legs and checking himself for any dangerous injuries (hell a cut could be a life threatening injury in this world) Connor got back to his feet and slung the Plasma Rifle over his shoulder. “How about next time we switch roles so that I can be the one to rescue you from the machines?”

“I don’t think I like that idea too much,” she teased but it was the truth to a point. “Your little accident was a good idea, but now Skynet will adapt to it and they may shoot first and never ask questions later next time. I’d prefer my pretty little face not to have any more blemishes thank you very much.”

John laughed lower than he thought it possible for a human to ever laugh. “I think I’d prefer that too.” He stood close to her and wrapped his arm around her waist for support as he tested his footing. There was no pain scorching through his body like fire so that was a good sign that nothing was broken. He’d known that already though. It was a clumsy, schoolboy way of getting to be close to her. She reminded him so much of Cameron by the little things that she’d do. But did he see Allison Young?

“Anything broken?” She cut through his thoughts like a knife.

“I don’t think so,” John replied. “I think I got lucky this time.”

Allison smiled, “I thought it was that destiny of yours. You know you’re supposed to be the one that leads us to the Promised Land.”

He’d never live that down. Three years ago he’d explained all of this, everything about himself, to Kyle, Derek, and Allison after they found him. They’d simply thought he was one of the many skins that’d lost their minds among the ruins of the world. Normally he’d probably have been pushed off on someone else because they’d be afraid of him; his saving grace was that he could carry a gun. That was needed more these days than anything and that saved his life. That gave him a home and the training that he so desperately needed.

“Are you teasing me?”

“Oh Heaven’s no,” she taunted him, “I’d be far too afraid to tease you, John. Terrible things could happen.” Her toothy grin disarmed him.

Connor rolled his eyes, “You damn chatterbox. Let’s go find our people so that we can get back to camp. I’d like to get five minutes rest before we have to move again.”

“Sir,” she saluted, “Yes Sir. Immediately, Sir!”

The man who would have led humanity against the machines shook his head in irritation at her teasing. If she only knew how hard it was for him to face the reality of the world he lived in, of the destiny that he’d been denied. Before he never wanted to see this day, he never wanted to be the leader of humanity. John Connor would’ve been contented to grow old in some menial job as John Reese but now that the darkness had fallen he wished that he could take it all back, that he could be the leader destiny had foretold him to be.

For now he would just have to be contented to be a follower.
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