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Re: What bridge design do you like?

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I've always thought the Captain could use a console or display screen in front of his chair, too, so he can tell ship status with a glance ....
That is actually a pretty good point. I know I like seeing things myself rather than having to ask someone or have them report to me. How do actual navies handle bridge design now?

What about the NASA mission control centers? That's kind of similar; many specialists in one room with a mission director who makes decisions. From my Apollo recollections, each has a station, with all oriented towards the big screens. Flight director is in the back (wearing a vest), right?

In resposnse to the actual OP, I like bridge designs where each specialist does not face foward (for the tv cameras). So TOS, TFF are both good ones in that vein.

Most often Captains do. Picard has one. But it doesn't tell a bunch. So does Jainway.

It wouldn't be GOOD for the show though if they changed it to your format.

Because then we would have this

Issue order - We are under attack. Red alert. Raise sheilds.
Tactical officor - Aye Sir.
Captain taps buttons.
Kirk epsilon!
(then shortly later)
we got the ship rocking and he says - Damages to deck 23-27, sections C, D, E and F. close off the areas and effect repare crews.
*Aye Sir* says the bored tactical officer.

Nope. you lose.

This new command structure is BORING!
Where are we? Where no bum has gone before...!!!
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