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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

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None of that explains factualy how a cape on Superman=American Arrogance.

I await Gaith to explain him/herself.
Wow. I've never been so wanted online!

To me, "the cape" does not "equal" American arrogance. It's a bit more subtle.

Superman represents America. Everyone knows that Superman has godlike powers. The cape serves no purpose beyond reminding us of this fact.

We Americans (and I love my country) are all to often prone to arrogance, and equating our unequaled power with our dubiously unequaled greatness.

If it sounds as though I'm making a biased anti-cape statement, it's because I am biased. Superman/CK is not a god, and shouldn't act like one. Hence, he should drop the cape, imho.

I won't drag out the political parallels... beyond noting that we shouldn't elect presidents who appoint UN ambassadors who say that the headquarters building could lose ten floors and no one'd know.

But the political analogy is, in the end, superfluous. Superman doesn't need a cape any more than Clark needs a fedora. The character can outlive both fashion accessories.
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