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Re: Price, Release Date and Features announced for TNG Bluray Collecti

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However, I couldn't stand the commentaries by Meyer, and Nimoy. I never even made it past about 20 minutes of those. So, those "expert fan" commentaries can be the best.

And why is that? Just out of curiosity, what was wrong with them? Were they boring? Smug? Meyer and Nimoy seem pretty cool in interviews about Star Trek, but I've never heard a commentary by either.

I heard a writer from Lost would be brought in to help Orci and Kurtzman with the next Star Trek movie. If it's the same guy, hopefully watching a good movie like "Star Trek: First Contact" will give him some good ideas for how to approach that, and watching "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" will do the same for his co-writers.
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