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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
Hey Guy, Gaith is specifically talking about the cape.
Gaith isn't talking about Superman as a whole or even the costume as a whole.
He pointed out the cape in particular.
When I want your opinion I'll ask for it.
Deal with that.

So, till then I still would like to ask Gaith to explain his comments on the cape and how that specifically deals with American arrogance, since he implies its humility to lose the cape.

Sorry for the curt tones, but I still think I got it.

I've worn a cape now and then and I felt fancy.

And a little sorry for every one else who didn't have a cape.

But I wouldn't do it every day.

Although being the only person in the room wearing a cape isn't half as odd as being stuck in a room with another bloke also wearing cape.

Not a cool club.

That in relation to time?

Did you see the American Century?

(Something the media called it constantly.)

Also commonly referred to as the 20th century.

A new America for a new Century?

Then of course alternatively Gaith could have been talking about post Bush America?
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