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Re: The Andorian sexes

Cicero wrote: View Post
We're told that the four Andorian sexes roughly correspond to two male sexes and two female sexes, but that they aren't literally male or female.
That description also covers their outward appearance. To an outsider, two Andorian sexes appear male and two female. However Shar is a more androgynous male than his bondmate, Anichent. In Shar's first cover appearance, the dreadlocked (Asian?) model is quite androgynous.

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
I'd thought the zhen contributed genetically, but Memory Beta says she doesn't. It doesn't name its source, though. Do you remember which boko discussed Andorian reproduction most thoroughly?
From my site:
"During the conception of an Andorian child, the chan adds his gametes to those of the shen, which have already been fertilized by the thaan. The zygote is then implanted into the zhen's pouch." [Unity (Pocket, 2003) by SD Perry.]

"Only the Evaste Elders can give permission to release bondmates from their bethrothal. Tezha, or sexual union outside the shelthreth, is frowned upon. Shar and Thriss engaged in this many years ago and kept the secret from their bondmates." [Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1 (Pocket, 2004).]

Also, re the plant:
"Shanchen's Mantle is a native Andorian plant with small, furry, moss-like flowers in yellow and white. When Phillipa Mathias becomes a victim of the Andorian shax, a poisonous, parasitic insect that nests under the skin of its host, a previously unknown strain of Shanchen's Mantle was discovered by Shar's group in their search for a natural antidote while within The Reserve. Doctor sh'Veileth realises that this primitive variety of the plant has a four-gamete fertilization process, similar to Andorians themselves. This is the evidence that Andorians had always sought to prove that they were native their home planet." [Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Book 1 (Pocket, 2004).]

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
As for Pava, later labelled a shen, having breasts...good catch.
Both "female" Andorian sexes have breasts. To an outsider, two Andorian sexes appear female. (And most human males have nipples that we never use for suckling young.)

I assume that Theskians, with their blue skin, antennae and yellow fur-like hair, and a race said to be "related" to Andorians, but "more gregarious" [Metamorphosis (Pocket, 1990) by Jean Lorrah] suffer the same genetic problems as Andorians (or TrekLit just forgot about them), since no one mentions studying them during the search for the plant.

(Lorrah had intended that Thralen the Theskian actually be an Andorian, but was requested by the then-Star Trek Office at Paramount to make the change, since there were "no Andorians among the
Enterprise-D crew". Jean Lorrah was seemingly paying homage to some Andorian speculations from the old zine article, A Summary of the Physiological Roots of Andorian Culture (1976) by Leslie Fish, a friend from her fanfic days, eg. references to Thralen's "the Great Mother" deity.)
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