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Re: Curzon’s big secret (from Facets)

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Also, it takes a lot of foresight to think, "I better not let my new host know about these feelings, just in case he or she comes into contact with my wife's new host someday".
Not really, unless you think that Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn are the first Trills to encounter that situation. One would think that it has become common sense among joined Trills. It’s a topic that should be covered in the initiate program. If you have romantic feelings for another joined Trill that are so intense that you won’t be able to control yourselves if you meet again in future hosts, those feelings need to be suppressed, or at least dampened, for the safety of the symbiont. And furthermore, avoid contact with the object of your affections. Jadzia was given the opportunity to avoid this situation, and it should have been drilled into her head that avoiding the situation was exactly what she was required to do.

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