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The "instigatory" comment was just me proceeding from one assumption that certain sections of SI might view the Pact as a direct and imminent threat to the Federation. Of course it might not be the case that the Pact is a threat, in which case it would be foolish to cause incidents that might result in more conflict.
It would be even more foolish to cause incidents if they are a threat, because it's just going to make them hate and fear you even more than they do already. History shows that trying to force or manipulate other countries into bowing to your will generally creates more problems than it solves.
Does it? Rome and other great empires (imperial and republican) successfully forced many other countries to bow to their will. Even the United States was very successful in the use of force - and, at times, in manipulation - in conquering North America (and in opening Japan to the outside world, ending the Russo-Japanese war, etc.).

Great force, applied decisively, can be very effective, particularly if carried through completely (e.g. Rome's complete elimination of Carthage, the United State's program of cultural assimilation). Whether it is moral - or even possible in a given situation - is another question.
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