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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Clark can't fly.

Only people that can fly deserve capes.

(So not true, but you need to be hard on Clark since he's a bit dense when people are being subtle.)
You know something?

This may be simply another turning point.

"The Red And Blue Blur" may end up wearing that costume, if there really is one, and we may see Clark in it repeatedly.

Then, in the closing movie "Metropolis", he may end up in the actual Superman costume at the end, cape and all, when 'The Blur' first becomes known as "Superman".

nx1701g wrote: View Post
But Clark does have a cape - he has the Warrior Angel cape.
Several years ago I saw a joke picture online that showed John Schneider as Jonathan Kent with a word balloon that said "You mean after everything we go thru, he ends up running around in public in tights and a cape?"
Onscreen is canon, books are interesting. Movies change canon, scissors wrap paper...or...something.
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