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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

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...As for the suit, I think a cape-less red and blue leather suit could potentially be awesome. The cape isn't necessary for concealment or flight the way Zorro's and Batman's are, and ditching it could be a nice nod to 21st century American humility...
Neither Zorro nor Batman can fly.

As for Superman, the cape's been there from the beginning, even before he was depicted as able to actually fly.

At first he was only able to leap tremendous distances.

The cape doesn't mean flight. It's part of the costume and it should stay just as it is.

Removing the cape achieves nothing but allowing someone to say "Look what we did". Plus, with regards to 21st century American humility, as someone born and raised in the States, I'd like to ask when the last time was when Americans were thought of internationally as "humble"?
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