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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 31: (Ending 05.29.94)
TNG - All Good Things... (Airdate 05.23.94)
B5 - TKO (Airdate 05.25.94)

No competition, really. In fact, you wonder why B5 would air a new episode this week anyway. TNG, after 7 successful years of bringing television sci-fi to the mainstream, deserves going out in the solo-spotlight. Besides, B5 still had representation, what with G'Kar having disappeared into some sort of spacial anomaly and taking the body of a Romulan (seriously, Katsulus seems to still be in G'Kar mode playing Tomalak here). Maybe they were feeling a bit of the same cocky swagger as Walker Smith?

Here's the thing that's quite unfortunate for B5, however. TNG's series finale creates a floodgate of television sci-fi interest for the general public, and you've managed to catch some of the wash of that interest as folks hear about "that other new sci-fi show"; smartly, you air Signs & Portents before All Good Things airs, an episode that helped solidify yourself as a show worth keeping an eye on. Then, you follow it up with TKO. Oh dear.

TKO isn't a bad episode, but if you don't care about:
-martial arts
-Susan Ivanova
-Jewish ceremonies
then chances are you won't care about this episode -especially so if you were hoping for a quick follow-up to Signs & Portents. Not only that, but now you're going to have to wait until JULY for a new episode. Wait, huh?

TNG bows out awesomely. B5 goes into re-runs. Looks like DS9's going to have a clear run for its season finale.

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