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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

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I'm another lurker who finally decided to heck with lurking! Posting is what it's all about. I loved DS9 when it came out. To me it was completely superior to what had come before and remains so to what came after. However, due to a job I had during the original run, I never got to watch the series past season 4 and never managed to catch it in syndication. I don't have cable or satellite, but that's a different story.

So, I am now going through the series via Netflix. I just finished Season 1 and am starting Season 2. What is absolutely flooring me is how the series doesn't seem dated at all. If anything, it feels more relevant now than it did then, much like another series I dearly, dearly love, Babylon 5.

Even in the first season, there were a couple of breakout episodes. "Duet" comes instantly to mind with a performance from an actor I have long felt is under-appreciated in character roles, Harris Yulin. (Loved him in Buffy.) The energy and emotion between him and Nana Visitor are electrifying. I'm looking forward to Season 2 and rediscovering this show I never felt I got enough of.

Plus, Cardassians. CardassiansCardassiansCardassians. Did I say Cardassians?
You have excellent tastes, PSGarak! I also feel that the Cardies are made of win (by far the most complex, well developed alien society in any Trek) and I also fell in love with the show thanks to "Duet". Actually, DS9 was the first Trek I really got hooked on - even though it was not the first Trek I saw - and therefore it started my real interest in Trek in general. I watched season 1 of TNG on TV when I was about 13 (unfortunately, only season 1 was broadcast in my country), and I liked it, but it was responsible for me thinking for quite a while that Trek was kiddie stuff. Those early seasons of TNG really look naive and dated now - more dated that most of TOS, even. Later TNG is a different story, but still, DS9, for the most part, looks more mature and relevant. (Well, apart from most of the Ferengi episodes and a few other 'humorous' episodes.)

(I rewatched TNG and DS9 on TV, and in the middle of DS9's run, I think it was during some of the most exciting parts of the Dominion war storyarc, the TV channel made a mistake and aired "Time's Arrow" instead. They corrected the mistake the next day and aired the DS9 episode they missed, but it gave me an opportunity to compare the two shows once again, and I was struck by how naive and lightweight TNG looked in comparison.)

I've planned to watch B5 for a while. I've only seen "The Gathering" and the first episode of season 1 so far, but haven't had time to watch further- when I do, I'll watch the rest. So far, I like what I've seen. Well, "The Gathering" was so-so, just OK, but I really liked "Midnight on the Firing Line".
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