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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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My only negative comment: A four-minute Briefing Room scene in a ten-minute episode? That's a hell of a lot of nothing but talk.
Yeah....that one was a struggle, but we cut a lot of out it. From a directorial standpoint, much of that had to be in there to set up what was going on.
I have to agree that the 4 minute scene was far too long. I could see about a half dozen ways to tighten it down, including splitting it into two scenes.

That's not to pick on this particular episode. Frankly, it's a common malady in virtually all fan films: lack of brevity. Its tough to try to pare exposition down to its bare essentials, but you just have to be brutal. A good for-instance that's all-too common in fan films and happens in the scene under discussion: character A says something about character X, so character B asks A how he knows X, which then leads to the answer. Faster and better to just have character A say, "when I worked with X, this happened". It's crisper, more professional sounding, and moves the plot along faster.
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