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Re: VOY Story - Five Words at a Time

Voyager is traveling at warp, through a deserted sector of the beta quadrant's outer rim on the way back to Earth.
All of a sudden the Port Nacelle fell off. B'Elanna charged through the corridors and she was really upset because Janeway had taken her hyperspanner to be refitted with new blinking lights.
Plasma conduits ruptured by B'Elanna's pet dragon Smokey.
Red Alert klaxons blared through the corridors, causing Neelix to drop his leola soup on Harry Kim's head, but no-one could comprehend why Harry then rubbed Neelix's face in it.
Neelix ran to the sickbay where they began to fight until the Doctor became annoyed with this behaviour and said, I'm a doctor! Not a whiny school girl wrangler intent on breaking you two up.
"Computer, deactivate EMH program!" Harry bawled, the sore loser who cried uncle when Neelix tried to tell another story about his childhood summers on Rinax.
Harry ran to the bridge where a console exploded, killing his haughty dreams of ever modeling underwear on billboards; yet all Janeway could think about was another cup of coffee from the replicator.
"Hello, I'm in considerable pain" Cried Harry, writhing on the floor.
Janeway kicked him. "Die Mr Kim but don't worry, I'll push for Starfleet to give you a promotion. Haha fat chance!"
"Haha," cackled Harry, "When will I show character development?"
Neelix sadly looked away, murmuring "Not any time soon, eternal Ensign!"
"How can you say that?" Kim wailed embarrassing himself further.
Seven suddenly longed to return to the borg to escape from the humiliating reality that THIS was as good as it gets.
Neelix went to cook a delicious Leola Root stew to give to Harry as

a remedy for his depression
"It would be most interesting to impress your memory engrams on a computer Doctor. The resulting torrential flood of illogic would be most entertaining."
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