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Re: The Terminator Chronicles: Second Chance

A bit about the characters:

I've been looking through the list of characters that we've seen on the show - and in other Terminator productions - and I've narrowed down my list a bit to who I want to work with and who I'm not particularly interested in. At the moment I've made up a list that has more original characters in it than anything and, to be honest, I'm thinking that this will be my final list.

I'm going to post it tomorrow to give some time for people to suggest to me certain characters they would like to see in the Future War that are canon. Please note: I'm also going to be playing around with Skynet a bit. There will be no scrubbed Terminators working for the Resistance. I'm only confirming the following four Resistance characters as being present:

John Connor
Derek Reese
Kyle Reese
Allison Young

Canon Characters:
Martin Bedell
Katherine Brewster
Riley Dawson
Lauren Fields
Sydney Fields
Jesse Flores
Christopher Garvin
Catherine Luna
Justin Perry
Jonathan Sayles
Alexander Stone
Gabriel Stone
Andre Sumner
Edward Timms
Zack Wells
Blair Williams
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