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As we all know, they hate the Romulan Star Empire due to the endless stream of honour disputes, blood debts and what it insists is the Romulan's cowardly betrayal. They've never actually been at war, as far as I can tell, at least not since the 22nd century, but each would love to see the other fall. Amusingly, the Klingons seem to have no problem with the Imperial Romulan State, so perhaps hatred for Romulans-the-species is being transformed into more direct hatred for the RSE.
Don't forget that underneath the overt hostility there is a long history of deal-making and trading -- sometimes overt (selling the Romulans ships in the TOS era), more often under the table (novels The Final Refelction, The Art of the Impossible, episodes "Sins of the Father", "Birthright" parts I and II). So relations between the Empires is a bit more nuanced than obvious sneering and snarling they do at each other. The Romulan split stands to make things even more... interesting.
Indeed. I was of course being quite simple and sweeping in my evaluation, so of course there are many levels of complexity I left out. Thanks for enhancing my original answer!
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