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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

Warner bros reps are grabbing random people at the show and giving them a sneak peek at the new Superman costume for Smallville Me and friends were grabbed by one girl (details below) and taken to a room (down the stairs next to the giant starbucks) and shown it.

it's gobsmackingly awesome! no spandex it looked like leather, its one suit, the top is blue at front and back, red on sides and arms, the trousers are blue at the front and back, red at sides. the superman symbol on the chest protruding out, its red. no cape. it was on a stand we could walk around.

There were no photos allowed, but the lady (name Rosie, slightly bigger build, brown hair) said we could tell others at show, to build hype. They're showing random people the suit throughout today, tomorrow and Saturday, and sunday Tom Welling is flying in just to wear it when its unveilled at for Smallville presentation on sunday.
Almost sounds like this...

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