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^And let's keep in mind that those descriptions represent their policies during the time period we know about. A society can undergo considerable change in its policies and values over time. A state that's isolationist in one generation can easily have been outgoing a generation earlier, or vice versa. Heck, the USA was generally isolationist for the first part of the 20th century, but then abandoned that decisively after 1941.

We should always remember that when talking about the behavior or attitudes of a state, we're talking about the policies of its current sitting government, not something that's woven into the genetic code of the entire species throughout all time. And governments always have opposition, and sooner or later the opposition generally ends up taking over. For all we know, some of these Typhon Pact signatories may have recently undergone changes in government. Maybe the reason they signed on is because the new leaders wanted to reject the isolationist or xenophobic policies of their predecessors. Or maybe the current leaders' decision to join the Pact could spark a backlash from the opposition and endanger the survival of the sitting regime. The one constant in politics is change. (Well, and self-interest. And corruption. And... well, anyway.)
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