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Re: Superman costume to appear on SMALLVILLE after all

From Kryptonsite Craig on his forum:

I do think a costume is very likely, but I'm not so sure that it would be red and blue.
I also think Tom showing up for the Con is possible, but not wearing the suit. That would be embarrassing.
I don't think they're showing anyone any "previews" or anything like that.
And the finale is called "Savior" not "Superman" so I'm already skeptical about AICN's "sources" right there. Remember anyone can make stuff up.
I will say this much - I do believe there is a suit. That's exactly what I was referring to about the "new approach." But I don't think it'll look much like *the* suit. Maybe I'm wrong.
And the sign said, "Long haired freaky people need not apply..."
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