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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Tsunkatse (**)

I remember when this episode first aired there was a promo dedicated to how there was going to be an epic confrontation between Seven and The Rock. I had no idea who Mr Rock was and a friend had to explain to me that he was some sort of professional wrestler. When I saw the episode I thought to myself "Why didn't they play up that Weyoun and Martok were going to be in it rather than that stupid two minute fight scene with that dumb wrestler guy?"

J. G. Hertzler? Great, I'll watch that.

Jeffrey Combs? Excellent, I'll watch that three times!

The Rock? Do I have to watch that?

The episode is surprisingly alright in spite of all the boring wrestling bits. I think this episode follows on quite well from Memorial by giving smaller characters something to do even while the episode is focused on Seven. Chakotay, B'Elanna and Tuvok all have meaningful roles, Chakotay in particular works well as the guy in charge of the attempt to rescue Seven while Janeway is away. Chakotay's character is at his best right now than he has been since the beginning of season 4, I hope they can maintain this standard for his character.

This episode reminded me of DS9's By Inferno's Light, the scenes of Worf fighting the Jem'Hadar soldiers in the prison camp are very reminiscent to the Tsunkatse matches. Unfortunately the Worf fighting matches were the only thing I did not like about that two-parter and it was only made respectable by having the Jemmie refuse to kill Worf at the end. Since this episode is based around that concept entirely I completely lost interest in the Seven story. The Voyager-based story was good until the end when it devolved into "things get blowed up real good" mode.

Also, the episode is a rehash of The Gamesters of Triskelion, so I think this might be the first time I deduct points for stealing a plot from TOS rather than TNG. And on that subject, Memory Alpha had this to say about the episode:
As with "Blink of an Eye", this episode's title had to be changed shortly before shooting when it was realized that it matched a TOS episode's: "Arena".
Whaaaaat? I can understand the Wink of an Eye one because that wasn't a memorable episode, but Arena is one of the most famous TOS episodes, so much so that I knew it and its name long before I set out to watch TOS. How could almost the entire production staff on a Star Trek show not remember the time Kirk fought the Gorn?
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