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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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An example that comes to mind are BYOB and Black Sunshine. In Rock Band for Black Sunshine they charted a part as just single sustained notes whereas in GH3 they put it as a crazy trill. Which one is 'more accurate'? It's hard to say... the guitarist isn't playing using two different frets in real life. I'm not sure what he's doing, whammy, vibrato(? is that even the right term, I'm not much of a musician), but he's doing more than just playing a note and sustaining it.

It's bending octave.


It's 5:30am, let's hope I'm explaining this right.

Those are the strings on a guitar, Top E is the highest string, bottom E is the Low note string on a guitar.

The numbers on the strings represent which fret to hold down.

In this chart (which is called Tablature) you're holding down the 12th fret on the G string with one finger and letting it ring (sustain) while holding down the 15th fret on the B string, but bending it to raise the pitch, so it's almost an octave, but not quite. Wiggle the 15th note a bit to play with the pitch.

All the time while strumming at whatever beat you want, letting those 2 notes ring out (more or less Legato)

Sometimes to change it up, instead of bending the B string, you could tap at all the notes in the bend while letting the G string ring out the entire time.

That takes more skill, either way is right, he's using delay, chorus and reverb effects to create his sound on that.

And that is your guitar lesson for tonight.
so, how would you personally chart that to a one string, five fret guitar where you can't bend the string?
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