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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

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Considering that Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated in 1968, that would be a very big yes. In fact I would say that are places even today all over the world were persons of certain races, political or religious views shouldn't venture into unprotected.

A very big yes, indeed. And I agree that there are places today that still discriminate because of race, particularly. The beauty of that episode is that the differences between the faces is so arbitrary, having nothing to do with the character's value or ability to contribute to society. They have no more control over which side of their face is white or black than we have control over our race. As viewers, we didn't see or appreciate a difference, yet that difference was of critical importance to the aliens.
Thanks so much, both of you for explaining to this biracial woman that bigotry exists. I wouldn't have been aware.

My point was...

I didn't need to be told indirectly or directly that racism was wrong--even in 1968.

So I see this episode as a far-from-subtle example of television preaching.

Me personally, I have to wonder. If you don't recognize blanent messages of racism in a TV show, would you recognize them in real life or be just as oblivious?
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