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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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I sort of like Metallica. Some of the old stuff is pretty good, but frankly I've always been a Megadeth guy. GH: Metallica might be nice though, Metallica tracks would be a nice slowing of pace compared to the blistering Megadeth Peace Sells album DLC in Rock Band
I don't know if there's much of a correlation between how 'good' a medium chart is and how good an 'expert' chart is. To me, all the Medium charts are going to be hilariously bad, just because there are so many notes in the song that you skip playing. I haven't looked into Smash Hits too much, but I would have guessed that since a lot of the songs are from HMX developed games, that the note charts would ape the originals as much as possible.
They don't. Beenox Studios recharted everything and have drawn a lot of complaints for doing so - right down to the five fret chord of doom on Raining Blood.

I don't know about the hard and expert charts as I don't play at that level. There was a segment on the X Play podcast talking about Smash/Greatest Hits with someone who does play on Expert and she did say it felt wrong.

Little mistakes like having star power sections right at the end of a song where there's no chance to use them.

I'd be OK with all songs being available from the get-go, but that does put a damper on the 'game' aspect. The way I unlocked my RB2 songs was to go through all the Guitar challenges in order. That way you unlock stuff without having to repeat songs over and over again. The whole 'challenges' and 'world tour' did nothing for me. These days I play exclusively in quickplay, just because dealing with all the world tour shit is pointless.
I did unlock all the songs on RB2 by just playing the decades based challenges as a previous thread on the game here (it might have been this one actually!) suggested.

I have a slightly unusual philosophy when it comes to games, I admit. I don't believe in locked content, I think a player should be able to choose to play whatever level, map, mission, song, match whatever he or she wants right from the first time they load the game. No locked songs, cars, characters, costumes, weapons anything. And if you really must tack artificial goals like achievements or trophies on to games then they must still be available no matter what the player does.

It's their game, they paid for it, why shouldn't they be able to do what they want with it ?

If there's a part of the game the player doesn't think is fun or it's too hard, let them skip it.

The GH:WT setlist was atrocious in my opinion. If nothing else, Rock Band has what, 600 tracks available as DLC? You should be able to put together a playlist of your definition of "Rock" together that puts the stuff that ships with either game to shame!
I've got both games, and I've bought approximately 30+ tracks for RB and RB2. I do find that Rock Band's DLC is not as adventurous as it could be, though.
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