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^Again, you're trying too hard to read a pattern into it. All analogies are inexact and limited in their applicability. The Typhon Pact/Warsaw Pact analogy is merely to the overall concept of "the other guys" forming an alliance to counter "our" guys. There's not meant to be any specific analogy on the level of individual members.
Though it does suggest the question of how power is going to be distributed in the Pact. How will the Pact be governed? Which Pact members will assume which roles? Will the Pact end up being a vehicle for one or two Pact members to dominate the others like the Warsaw Pact was for the Soviet Union or like NATO was for the U.S.? Will the Pact end up being almost its won separate entity with its own goals and agendas separate from the individual goals of its members like the U.N. is today? Will the Pact end up evolving into a genuine interstellar state whose members cooperate and interact as equals, like the Federation?
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