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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

Nah, I just swipe pictures from around the net. No big. But I was working on getting the ZQ-Spock numbers up in the polls. Though, hey, Karl Urban is a very good looking man, too! And for that matter, Leonard and DeForest. Chris Pine is attractive in the pretty-boy way, but I'm still incapable of going there with Shatner. The shirt rips have the opposite of the intended affect on me.

Okay, granted, Shatner does have his moments (the end of Wrath of Khan, for instance), but Chris Pine really had the most uphill battle of reinventing a character. Quinto had the most familiar character, but Spock was respected in ways Kirk hasn't been in a long time (and yes, it is easy to keep one's dignity when behind a taciturn face).

Okay... Stop the presses... A new favorite in one of my favorite picture categories where there are props sticking out of people:

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