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Re: Opinions on Chakotay & Seven

This is why single men so rarely wash their clothes.

As if a decent and properly raised woman would hastily borrow a nice shirt (FOREVER!!!) if it had half a pizza adhered down the front (FOREVER!!!)? Of course the longer a man does this the more likely he'll sink to the bottom of the dating pool and find himself only being capable of attracting a mate who is not afraid nor cares if she is wearing some other buggers last four suppers on the front of a Van Halen tour souvenir sweatshirt from the early 90s, because water finds it's own level... Which in it's own right, does take the edge off a series of potential problems that usually crop up which will now be zero sum.

Surely this niche is just a natural evolution of how girls in highschool during the 50s used to brand themselves by wearing their sweethearts letterman jacket or class pin?

Because you are a brave social scientist as an experiment, try ordering your honey bunny to dare be a secret transvestite at work for just a day and see what happens. I assure you, any result, from disgust to acquiescense will be hilarious.

10 years ago, this was a Joey episode of Friends, are we truly afraid of being more culturally dynamic than a plot from Friends?

(I rewatched The Rocky Horror Picture Show the other night, can you tell?)
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