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Re: Star Trek: DS9--Of Power And Passion, A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

I gotta say I'm not particularly crazy about the way Ezri was developed into a starship captain. I just don't quite see that character going in that direction. But that may just be a lack of imagination on my part.
Well, I'm fine with it, myself. After all, the idea of the spirited, innocent Ezri commanding such a mighty vessel as Aventine seems pretty--attractive, IMHO.

--But each his own.

This was a very interesting story and I give you kudos for making it one continuous conversation. That's not easy to do.

I felt parts of the conversation didn't really go anywhere like the whole Borg angle for example.
Yeah...and initially, the only reason I wanted that part was to establish when the tale takes place. But, as I got into it, I quickly discovered how I could have it lead to Joran's general topic.

But the fireworks really started to kick off once we got to the core of the matter. Ezri's decision to break up with Bashir and the reasoning behind it. It was interesting to see the former counselor get schooled even if it was all really just a deliberate way to make her face her own mistakes.

Overall, nicely done.
Thanks a bunch, CeJay!
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