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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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^Guitar Hero: Metallica is great if you like Metallica. A lot of hard work has been put in to it and it shows. Smash/Greatest Hits, not so much. The note charts just feel wrong even on my level (Medium).
I sort of like Metallica. Some of the old stuff is pretty good, but frankly I've always been a Megadeth guy. GH: Metallica might be nice though, Metallica tracks would be a nice slowing of pace compared to the blistering Megadeth Peace Sells album DLC in Rock Band
I don't know if there's much of a correlation between how 'good' a medium chart is and how good an 'expert' chart is. To me, all the Medium charts are going to be hilariously bad, just because there are so many notes in the song that you skip playing. I haven't looked into Smash Hits too much, but I would have guessed that since a lot of the songs are from HMX developed games, that the note charts would ape the originals as much as possible.

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You can basically sum it all up by saying that Harmonix employs actual musicians who are also very talented. Hence Rock Band being more musically accurate.
I don't know about that. The HMX people come off as pretentious Boston assholes to me. It's not like the charts are all that 'musically accurate' to begin with. Frankly there is a lot of stuff you can do on a guitar that just doesn't translate well into a plastic one string guitar with five fret buttons. It's that gray area that leads to a lot of the more major differences in charts, and it really becomes a question of how to make it fun, more than it is how to make it musically accurate.

An example that comes to mind are BYOB and Black Sunshine. In Rock Band for Black Sunshine they charted a part as just single sustained notes whereas in GH3 they put it as a crazy trill. Which one is 'more accurate'? It's hard to say... the guitarist isn't playing using two different frets in real life. I'm not sure what he's doing, whammy, vibrato(? is that even the right term, I'm not much of a musician), but he's doing more than just playing a note and sustaining it.

What's funny is that BYOB is exactly the opposite, there's a part where Neversoft just charted it as a single sustain whereas Rock Band put in extra notes where the guitarist is bending the note. It's the exact same charting issue, and they managed to take contradictory and opposite approaches on both of them!

To me it would be best to put in the extra notes, as it makes the game more fun and gives you more to do. Holding a sustained note for multiple seconds when there are obvious pitch changes isn't much fun on expert, so I would take the 'Trill' approach every time.

Neversoft employs retards whom I doubt know how to hold a guitar properly.

As for the RB hardware, ya, the first edition stuff sucked. That's what happens when you lose Red Octane. But the new stuff is great, I love the wireless RockBand guitar, of all the other guitar controllers I've used, this one is the best IMO
No chance. The World Tour controller, and really all the Red Octane controllers still blow it away. The non-clicky strum bar is a huge problem for keeping rhythm for one. More importantly, and maybe it's just my controller, but I can hold the fret button softly enough where while they're still depressed, they don't register as being held down. It's a pretty huge problem when you're trying to nail really fast sections as you want to press each note as lightly as possible to maximize your speed. So I guess it's the same issue with both the strummer and the frets. There's incomplete/inaccurate tactile feedback on whether you've actually triggered them or not.

Hermiod wrote: View Post
JonathonWally wrote: View Post
You can basically sum it all up by saying that Harmonix employs actual musicians who are also very talented. Hence Rock Band being more musically accurate.
On the other hand, Neversoft are a games company who know a thing or two about making a good game. Which possibly explains why Harmonix rigidly stick to their principle of making you play songs over and over and over and over again during the tour mode - yes, we know real bands don't just play songs once and never again but it gets boring quickly.

This is one thing I will always stick to - all songs should be unlocked and accessible at any difficulty for Quickplay with no save disabling cheat codes from the moment you first start the game.
I'd be OK with all songs being available from the get-go, but that does put a damper on the 'game' aspect. The way I unlocked my RB2 songs was to go through all the Guitar challenges in order. That way you unlock stuff without having to repeat songs over and over again. The whole 'challenges' and 'world tour' did nothing for me. These days I play exclusively in quickplay, just because dealing with all the world tour shit is pointless.

Hermiod wrote: View Post
^I can definitely agree with that. I love the way new challenges appear depending on what DLC you've bought, for example.
To me it's useless, how is it any better than just playing the songs in Quickplay? I think they've really failed at putting a compelling meta game on top of the play a song until you've kicked it's ass kind of gameplay.
It's a matter of taste, but I don't agree that the music itself is better in Rock Band. I've found some of their choices distinctly lacking. The representation of that music - the note charts, especially when the same song is available in both games, is generallly better though.

It's perhaps due to their desire to appeal to a wider audience, but Rock Band's definition of "rock" is often highly dubious.
The GH:WT setlist was atrocious in my opinion. If nothing else, Rock Band has what, 600 tracks available as DLC? You should be able to put together a playlist of your definition of "Rock" together that puts the stuff that ships with either game to shame!
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