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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

I like your concepts, Warped. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. They remind me a little of my own Bonaventure design, similarly based on a presumed evolution of the DY architecture combined with Jefferies' XCV-330 ringship idea:

In my mind (and I believe in Jefferies' mind as well), the secondary hull is a kind of "extended mission pod". I think putting something based on the secondary hull on such an early ship is maybe misapplying that idea, but maybe not. Maybe the slow Bonaventure would take years to get where it was going and would need tons of supplies. But if that is the case, might it be better to try to create something that looks like a midpoint in the evolution from DY-100 containers to NCC-1701 secondary hull? Maybe pie wedges that fit together to form cylindrical drums that line up below like you have it, on an underslung "spine"?
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