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Re: Ben Sisko’s hair

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You lie. "the military usually lets haircuts be as you like" is clearly in your post.
I do not lie, since I said "the military". As in, "the military in my country". I'm not based in the US, as the text besides my posts clearly state.

The rest is all semantics. I don't think Starfleet is military, but that is a different discussion. We've seen examples of haircut regulations being enforced, and we've seen examples of it being overlooked. That does not mean I need to "pay more attention".

In essense; my point is this: We've seen all sorts of crazy hairstyles on Star Trek; nothing bland about them at all. If they were, you'd have a point. But they aren't, they are often strange.
I'm not the one who said they were bland. So that isn't my point to make. I said that it wasn't suprising to see bland or conformist hairstyles on Star Trek.

And claiming you didn't say what you actually said is considered lying.
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