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Re: Ben Sisko’s hair

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It's been said, referred to, implied, admitted, alluded to and outright blatantly spoken, several times that Starfleet is military.
I don't agree. However, even it Starfleet were military, the military usually lets haircuts be as you like, unless it impacts performance. Not every country expects their military officers to have short cut or shaven scalps.
No, I said "not every military has as many haircut rules, nor is as strict with them as the US military".
You lie. "the military usually lets haircuts be as you like" is clearly in your post.

Seeing as Starfleet is not the US military, those rules would, in all likelyhood, not apply. You also proved only that the US military had certain rules, that does not discount my argument that not every military on this planet has the same rules or regulations, and by extension, that you shouldn't expect something like Starfleet to, if it is a type of military.
No one is saying that Starfleet is U.S. military. We're only stating that it is military. The example I gave of the U.S. UCMJ was to show that your statement, that "the military usually lets haircuts be as you like" was incorrect. I'm not 'expecting' Starfleet to have the same standards. I'm simply pointing out that, by what has been shown on screen, it's fairly obvious that Starfleet has similar uniform and appearance standards.

We have also seen that regularly, any appearance standards (we weren't talking about uniforms, but about haircuts) were not enforced. Even from episode to episode. Thus there is no basis in that argument if you only count those shots that support your views, and discount all others.
If you haven't seen them enforced then you obviously don't pay enough attention. There are scenes in Star Trek that address both the uniform and appearance standards. That is my point. And yes, hair has been addressed on Star Trek. You contradict yourself by implying that since you believe Starfleet to be without uniform and appearance standards similar to those that exist in today's military, clearly it isn't military. Then you say that not all militaries have the same standards. Then you say that it doesn't matter anyway because Starfleet isn't military, but in case they are it doesn't matter since different militaries have different standards. The facts remain that Star Trek has shown on screen that there are certain uniform and appearance standard and that Starfleet is military organization and that many of the characters have referred to themselves as soldier. That is the point.

The comment was made that the hairstyles on Star Trek sometimes look bland and conformist. To which I replied that it wasn't strange since hairstyle is usually part of a uniform. You then made the comment that hairstyle is usually only part of a military uniform and that Starfleet is not military. You were wrong on both parts.

Yes, Starfleet is military. It has been acknowledged and shown on screen that Starfleet is military. Anyone who says that it hasn't obviously hasn't been paying attention all these years. Also, hairstyle is not just part of a military uniform. It is also sometimes part of many other uniforms including Police, Some paramedics services, some Fireman units, some professional sports teams, some styles of prize fighting, and many more.

You are wrong on both counts, you contradict yourself, and you have no argument.

My original point, that which eludes you, is that the "bland and conformist" hairstyles shown on Star Trek are not surprising considering that hairstlye is usually part of a uniform.
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