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Re: Star Trek season 2 on Blu-ray [release date Sept. 22]

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...why it's so difficult for fans to comprehend what the word remastered means.


Because the project itself was incorrectly named "Star Trek Remastered"

Agree on your point about the peeve. However "TOSR" is a lot easier to say/write/discuss than "That Heretical Star Trek With Those Fancy New Special Effects That Destroyed A Beautiful Work Of Art" e.g. "THSTWTFNSETDABWOA".

Looking forward to S2 as well...
I think you missed Hober's point, but I don't see how he could have been more clear. He wasn't complaining about the new effects. He was simply stating that this phrase "...original and remastered version in HD..." is factually incorrect. Both versions of the episodes on the blu-ray are remastered; one has the original effects, while the other has the new CGI effects.

They took the original negatives, cleaned them up a bit, boosted the color and the black levels, then scanned them at a high resolution to make HD masters. That's the remastering.

Then, they inserted the new effects in one copy of the master. That's the version we saw on the boob tube.

We can watch either version of the HD remastered episodes on the blu-rays. Capisce?

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