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Re: Ben Sisko’s hair

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You said "the military usually lets haircuts be as you like". I proved that to be false.
No, I said "not every military has as many haircut rules, nor is as strict with them as the US military". Seeing as Starfleet is not the US military, those rules would, in all likelyhood, not apply. You also proved only that the US military had certain rules, that does not discount my argument that not every military on this planet has the same rules or regulations, and by extension, that you shouldn't expect something like Starfleet to, if it is a type of military.

Then you claim starfleet had no uniform and appearance standards. I pointed out that they do and we've seen them enforced several times.
We have also seen that regularly, any appearance standards (we weren't talking about uniforms, but about haircuts) were not enforced. Even from episode to episode. Thus there is no basis in that argument if you only count those shots that support your views, and discount all others.

Seeing someone who is slightly out of uniform does not mean that the orginaziton for which they wear the uniform is not military.
You said it yourself; that is a discussion that has been going on for a long while. As such, I did not continue it. Trying to start it up again, because you think your argument is more valid then mine, is silly. Start a new thread for that.
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