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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

Act 1 is stellar -- or should I say LUNAR?!?

It was great. But what a TEASER! We're all set up the episode is picking up pace, Capt. Carter says "Engage!" and now we wait....

Michael, neo f/x and everyone who worked on this: WOW! It really does look like TAS! You nailed it! BIG TIME! Impressive. The characters are well drawn (even RT) and the ship looks great.

So far I'd say the script is intriguing. It feels like a TOS script, but compressed. Instead of The Farragut being dispatched through a live message -- it's just summed up in the Captain's log. That's a great way to compress a full episode into an animated shorter episode.

The voices sound great, guys!

You've identified Thelin as the Navigator on the Farragut. I'd sure like to see him in the next live action episode as neo f/x Michael has suggested.

I'm intrigued. And excited. And waiting for more....
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