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Re: Ben Sisko’s hair

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It's been said, referred to, implied, admitted, alluded to and outright blatantly spoken, several times that Starfleet is military.
I don't agree. However, even it Starfleet were military, the military usually lets haircuts be as you like, unless it impacts performance. Not every country expects their military officers to have short cut or shaven scalps.
Not true. The military has strict regulations regarding the style and wear of ones hair. It's part of the UCMJ.

Grooming standards for men:
- Hair will be neat and clean and present a well-groomed appearance. Hair above the ears and around the neck will be tapered from the lower hairline upward at least 3/4 inch. Hair on the back of the neck may not touch the collar. Hair will be no longer than 4 inches.
- Sideburns are permitted, but they are to be an even width (not flared) and end with a claen-shaven horizontal line. Sideburns cannot extend below the middle of the ear.
- While in uniform, men may wear either one necklace or choker, but it must not be visible.
· Grooming standards for women
- Hair must be neatly arranged and styled to present a neat feminine appearance, but may not fall below the lower edge of the uniform collar. The only ornaments permitted in the hair are bobby pins and barretts (maximum of two) of a color that matches the hair.
- Fingernails must not exceed 1/4 inch measured from the tip of the finger. Nail polish must be of a soft shade, complementary to the skin tone.
- Cosmetics should be of conservative color and applied sparingly.
- Earrings must be the 6mm ball (approximately ¼ inch) type with a brushed matte finish. Either the screw on or post type may be worn.
- E-6 and below must wear silver earrings.
- CPO and Officers must wear gold. Note: small single pearl earrings are authorized for dinner or formal dress uniforms.
- While in uniform, women may wear one necklace or choker, but it must not be visible.
- The wearing of a maternity uniform is mandatory for all pregnant women in the Navy when a uniform is prescribed and regular uniforms no longer fit.
· Articles such as pencils, pens, watch chains, pins, jewelry, handkerchiefs, combs, cigars, cigarettes, or pipes must not be worn or carried exposed upon the uniform.
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