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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Starfleet Officers Needed!

Forum Name: USS Interceptor
Forum Genre: Star Trek based with touch of science fiction/fantasy.

Short forum description:

The game is played out in the year 2412, in the aftermath of the recent Borg Invasion in year 2401 a decade of peaceful relations with the Beta, Alpha and Gamma Quadrant was enjoyed, Starfleet was now able to return to its original mission, "to seek out New Worlds and New Life, to go where no man has gone before".

The game starts with the maiden journey of the Federation starship USS Interceptor with the first mission is to test Starfleet's latest technology, the hyperdrive. After the discovery of an ancient alien portal on Mars starfleet developed a new propulsion system which enables the ships to travel much faster and further than before.

On their journey something terrible wrong on and the ship is abruptly thrown into normal space. They crew soon realizes that they are stranded in the gamma quadrant with the hyperdrive destroyed beyond fixing.

In the meantime back in the Federation the project is classified as a failure and USS Interceptor declared as missing. However the project is soon put on ice when the Federation faces a new danger.

In another part of the galaxy a new unknown threat emerges in the gamma quadrant. To the Federation’s surprise the previous established Bajor Wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant disappears. The new threat to the galaxy (and the federation) is launched from within the gamma quadrant and the Federation faces a new war.

The USS Interceptor soon encounters their new enemy, and the adventure continues.....

Character Search:

We are at first hand looking for Starfleet Officers. Some of the available positions are:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer

There is also a possibility to play second characters that is not part of the main crew of USS Interceptor (i.e. villains, aliens with a connection to the ship and the plot) . The only requirement is that your character is relevant to the crew and the main plots of the game.

We also have so called central characters which are characters that are crucial to the story of the episode. The actions of these NPC’s can affect the outcome of the mission, the character development of everyone aboard, the survival of the ship itself, and sometimes have repercussions for the entire galaxy. Members can request to be given access to these characters and play them for the episode. One may only play these characters one episode at the time, some of these characters can even become a second character if desired.

Board Link: Welcome to USS Interceptor
Link to your account: Liz Archer
Contact Info: The best wat to get hold of me is either through the shoutbox on the site or through PM on the USS Interceptor board.

Additional Information/Notes:

It should be noted that we all play, like in most Star Trek oriented RP, in one episode at the time but there are possibility to write short stories and to include side plots and main plots for each episode.

We play Account per Character and there for new members have to register with their character name ( '_' is not needed).

Make sure you have the read the rules and other documentation before applying!

'Played by' is not necessarily for your character but it is helpful to have an image for your characters.

Interceptor Class Concept by Narsil, Lightwave mesh by Mavek, conversion for 3DS Max by J. Cassio "Starship".
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