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Re: I like Tasha Yar.

Not a big fan of the character or the actress I'm afraid. I do like what they originally tried to do with the character (tough young woman from difficult background becomes promising officer in Starfleet) but they never went anywhere with that. As several people mentioned, she just faded into the background. I never missed her after her death.

As for Worf, I don't think Dorn was necessarily a better actor, but because his character was an alien, they were willing to push his storyline a little. Things like Worf killing Duras, for example. You would not have seen that with one of the human characters. I think Worf's growth had more to do with the fact that he was a Klingon than getting rid of Tasha (though that certainly helped).

A major, major weakness of TNG was its female characters. Troi and Crusher were never terribly interesting to me, way too similar, and often had weak episodes when they were the focus (with a few exceptions, such as Face of the Enemy). One reason so many people were excited when Ro showed up was that she was a breath of fresh air in a crew that needed a little excitement.
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