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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

Here is the thing: the ships shouldn't look too close to the TOS era because we're talking about a 150-200 year difference in approach to space warp dynamics (my bit of tech doubletalk). My thinking is that in the early decades of space warp science and tech there could likely have been a lot of experimentation going on to figure out what worked best. And of course by the 23rd century we still see different configurations likely coming out of different solutions by different approaches and stressing different goals, perhaps like stability of space warp fields over speed.

The Bonaventure as seen in TAS makes no sense because it's just so obviously a play on the familiar E design. But in designing a live-action version I still wanted to try evoking elements of the TAS ship. But maybe it's best just to start with a clean sheet.

The Valiant design was easier because I had a sort of focus to it. I figured the ship was not a warp capabale ship before and so how should it look like as a fast relativistic ship. Then I retrofitted it with immense space warp coils like the ringship E, figuring this was one of the approaches of early warp design. I tried it with nacelles and thought it looked silly. The whole ship might be about the size of the TOS E's saucer hull or about 400-500 feet in length. The Valiant's design is actually a play on the V2 like rocketships of the '40s and '50s sci-fi, much like the ships in Destination: Moon and When Worlds Collide. But that general projectile type shape makes sense as a relativistic ship because you need something like that to pierce the stuff in the interstellar medium at 90% of light even with some sort of navigational deflection system.

In fact I like the Valiant enough that I'm thinking of making more images for it from different angles. Of course there's the depiction of the ship encountering the energy barrier. I've also got an image in my head of a miles long exhaust trail as the ship engages its sublight drive (its own space warp engines burnt out) to put distance between the ship and the energy barrier.

Scotty's reference that the Bonaventure was the first ship with warp drive has to be interpreted. When Cochrane introduces his space warp tech it could be that folks were strapping it onto all sorts of things in a hurry to get going. Maybe what Scotty really meant was that other than Cochrane's prototype the Bonaventure was the first ship to have been designed from conception with warp drive. In that way it makes even less sense that the ship would look like what we saw in TAS. Then again I look at TAS as something of an animated storyboard of live-action events from the TOS universe. (-: The more I think about it I feel that I'm not really that far off in my general idea for the Bonaventure, but that it shouldn't be much bigger than the Valiant either.
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