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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
It'd really be great if Universal were to pick it up. There are probably enough changes to the make-up, etc. to keep it from any legal action from them, but it'd be even better if Universal were to embrace it entirely.
That would be great (I've thought that about Starship Exeter as well). I wonder how the movie is going to get around using Copyrighted names; hopefully, it won't be too awkward.

T.Geiger wrote: View Post
To finish up the ramble, I wonder if they'll still be hand animating Dracula turning into a bat.
Yes, in Photoshop. As long as it has that retro look....

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
The main problem that these types of attempts usually have is that the actors are rarely able to pull off speaking as if they're from the movies of that period. Even in the silent The Call of Cthulhu, there are little clues that they're modern actors.
And you can tell the street scenes are CGI, too. That's okay. It can't be perfect, and it's still incredibly good. Those guys are working on another movie, too (and their radio dramas are also excellent).

And it definitely looks like House of the Wolf Man is trying. Look at these make-ups! They all look great, but I'm particularly surprised with Dracula. For a low-budget production, that's some excellent casting, at least based on his look. Like the Wolf Man, Frankenstein's monster looks changed enough to keep Universal from flipping out, but close enough to seem like a progression from those movies.
Wow, Dracula looks amazing! Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster are pretty good; the Monster looks a little "harsh," but he has been burned up a few times at this point.

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
Earlier tonight they put up the trailer! What do you guys think?
Wow, the sets are amazing. The old-fashioned car, the rain, the castle-- it all looks very genuine. The Monster doesn't look quite big enough to me, though. Maybe he's not the same Monster....
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