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Re: Star Trek: DS9--Of Power And Passion, A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Joran on anything--but when he described Jadzia and the way she acted towards men...I couldn't agree more. That was exactly what I couldn't stand about her, how she somehow got Worf wrapped around her little finger and (to my eye) demeaned him and his culture all the time and he kept coming back for more.
Yeah--that WAS pretty off-putting....

I think the best example of Jadzia's unlikable side was in that ep where Julian saves her neck--and the conversation goes:

"A few years ago, I'd have thought you were trying to be a hero."

"And now...?"

"And now that I know you better...I realize that that was just a stupid thing to do."

Hey, Jadzia--YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

Wish I could've heard more on the Borg/Federation comparison, though...
(nervous chuckle) Ah...technically, Joran was comparing the Borg to communism in general, but...okay!

So--whacha think of the tale itself, though?
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