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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

I'm not really seeing that in pin-up picture. The contrast is pretty stark, but that's about it.

The main problem that these types of attempts usually have is that the actors are rarely able to pull off speaking as if they're from the movies of that period. Even in the silent The Call of Cthulhu, there are little clues that they're modern actors.

Still, those limitations are pretty forgivable, as long as there are still good performances.

And it definitely looks like House of the Wolf Man is trying. Look at these make-ups! They all look great, but I'm particularly surprised with Dracula. For a low-budget production, that's some excellent casting, at least based on his look. Like the Wolf Man, Frankenstein's monster looks changed enough to keep Universal from flipping out, but close enough to seem like a progression from those movies.

Great stuff.
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